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We welcome everyone to the home page of the AOC. The 2019 season was a wonderful with so much great racing and new friends sharing in our wonderful hobby. As we are making plans for the 2020 season we unfortunately have to make some serious changes due to the current situation in China.  Our opening round at RCIV2 in Shanghai as well as our round at AMA Arena in Guangzhou China have been canceled. It of course not what we want to do but we feel it is best to do for this year until things settled down in the region. This has also caused some other problems with the schedule I had planned, so as of now, I do not have any dates to confirm yet but will have them very soon.  I am sure everyone understands our situation and I thank you all for your paitence as we get the new scheduled confirmed. 

Thanks for an amazing 2019 and we look forward to an even more exciting 2020.

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     The world of on road racing has been a favorite for many of us around the world. From the early days of Pro 10 Cars and 1/12th Scale to Touring cars and F-1, there has always been a love for On Road. Years ago I started the IIC event to make a world caliber event in Las Vegas. Through the years it has grown to be a great event. Later on we started the Euro Touring Series and that also has grown to be a great series that brings everyone together to share in our passion for on road racing. Now it is time for the next event.

Over the past few years, I have been asked if it was possible to get a big on road series going in Asia. Thus the birth of the Asian On road Championships. The AOC will be a group of events that travel around Asia and each year bringing a fun and exciting series to racers and helping sponsors expose their brands to new customers.  On Road racing is extremely strong in Asia and the roots of many of the companies that design and manufacture cars and parts are located within Asia making this the perfect place to make an exciting Championship.


     The AOC will focus on the fun we can have in an organized event. Simple rules, great friendships and exciting racing. All the info can be found on our website at as well as our Facebook page.

All of us involved with the AOC hope that you will be able to join us for one of the events as we travel around Asia and the Pacific and share in the love we all have of On Road racing.

Thank you very much,